Lucaffé - coffee enjoyment of the special kind!

Italy is not only the land of fashion, but also the connoisseurs. The sweet life - la dolce vita - stands in Italy in the first place.

The Italian coffee tradition begins in the 17th Century. At that time it was the first trading ships in the port of Venice and had coffee imports from Brazil, Africa and the Orient in the hold. Since then, the coffee tradition is deeply rooted in Italy.

The unique Italian roasting makes for a slightly bitter or slightly sweet taste, with relatively low acidity. Compared with German filter coffee, the Italian coffee cuts off much better in terms of digestibility. It contains less bitter, less caffeine and less acidity.

The unique aroma, the incomparable taste, the fine selection of the right beans and years of experience in the production belong to the philosophy of the coffee producers Lucaffé. On the following pages you will find important information about the production, location and products.